BIO Africa Convention is a conference that incorporates aspects of academic papers, legislation matters, trade matters and innovation support topics. The Convention is organized along four thematic streams, being:

  • Health biotech (Pharmaceuticals, Devices, Biologics, Biosimilars etc);
  • Agricultural biotech (Crop, Animals and Feed);
  • Industrial Biotech (Biofuels, bioremediation, biochemicals and enzymes); and
  • Biotech industry cross cutting matters (Funding, IP issues, and entrepreneurship)

The Convention will have the following activities:

  • Plenary talks: Keynote speakers from industry, governments and academia on biotech key topics.
  • Parallel tracks: Specific topics in health & pharma; agriculture; bio-industrials, funding, IP and entrepreneurship.
  • Business Partnering: Enclosed partnering space for delegates to meet with decision makers and company executives from all over the world.
  • Exhibitions & Pavilions: Exhibitions and pavilions for countries and companies to showcase their biotech innovations and meetings for technology exchange.
  • Satellite workshops: Workshops conducted on the sides of the event on key interesting topics, based stakeholder needs.
  • Students & Postdocs Career Fair: A session for prospective employers to meet with students and postdocs.